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 Badir Glass


I am a passionate photographer with over 10 years of experience capturing meaningful moments, breathtaking landscapes, and the essence a business wants to evoke to its potential clients. I truly love what I do. Growing up in the Caribbean exposed me to beautiful colors and precious tropical landscapes that I captured through my lens. Moving to the United States in 2014, I have been blessed with witnessing the beauty of this country and capturing it as well. I am proud to call Atlanta my home and I have fallen in love with the City in the Forest surrounded by so much natural beauty.


Although I have a background in Industrial Engineering, I developed an obsession with light and how it interacts with objects. As a result, I am the creative mind and lead photographer for my business. I like to define my photography as an immaculate representation of reality that captures the essence of real life. It reflects a unique style and a distinctive way to tell the story of a business, a place, a person, or a family.  Let's connect and start a conversation of the story you want to tell.


Solimy Glass


Hello! I’m the business behind all the creativity that happens here. Having a background in International Business and growing up in New York provided me with the ability to connect with people from various cultures and backgrounds. This insight has helped me understand that each client has a different story to tell and their needs will not always be the same. Although I do not have the most creative and artistic mind, I love to get others excited about the talents Badir has to offer through the art of photography. Consider me the liaison that ensures your photos fully express to the world the unique style and personality of yourself, your family, or your business. Feel free to connect with me to get your storytelling conversation started!

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